Egyptian massage


Massage is the massage of the surface layer of muscles and tissues, in order to stimulate its functions and achieve a kind of luxury or relaxation for the person, and the origin of the word massage is the French word (massage) meaning friction. Massage can also be defined as “massage the body by pressing it with fixed, moving, or disorganized or organized movements, whether by vibration or movement, and it is through an automatic or two-handed device, and the massage includes the following areas: ligaments, back muscles, spine, and neck, Thighs, arms, joints, etc.

 Steps to make a massage to make a correct massage, follow these steps

 Determining a suitable place, where it is not advisable to do a massage on a sleeping mattress or any other mattress, but rather the person must be lying on a relatively solid place furnished with a cloth or other.

Take a hot shower before starting the massage, as this relaxes the muscles and nerves and makes the body more ready for massage. Using a type of massage oil or olive oil can be used to reduce friction between the hands of the massage therapist and the skin, as these oils facilitate the smooth and gentle movement of the hands on the skin, which feels more enjoyable, and you can choose any type of oil with a pleasant smell .

Play soft music, it helps to relax and calm down. You should focus on the area of ​​a region, not pass on the body quickly, taking into account the question of the area that the person wants to focus on more. It is preferred to start with the massage from the bottom up, then the opposite. Take into account the massage time and do not rush into it. Muscle massages are in two ways

 Compression method: It is one of the easiest and simplest methods, especially the areas of the shoulders, so that the hand is spread out and the shoulder is pressed.

Stroking method: This method is suitable for large and small body areas, such as: back, abdomen, neck, upper feet and thighs


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