A California man rescues 4 children from a car immersed in water after the mother was shot and killed while driving

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Pensacola, Fl

A Sacramento fisherman saved the heroic four children this week after their mother was shot while driving, as their car veered off to the Sacramento River.

Harrell Fischer recounted the horrific story of NBC KCRA 3, explaining that he was working on his boat on the river around 9:30 pm. Monday night when he and another fisherman notice the nearby taillights.

“We jumped on his boat, we went, and I started to hear screams,” Fischer said. “We went straight to the door, opened the passenger door, and saw a little face looking at me, and I was about to melt.”

“It was intense,” Fischer said. Then I saw two small hands sticking out, too, like “Help me.”

Fisher said he immediately started helping children out of the submerged car to the boat.

“I was like, my God, there are four children in that car,” he said, adding that the oldest child told him that his mother had been shot.

Fisher said: “This little 6-year-old tells me,” Don’t come back from a shot like this. “

Mandico Quadzo, 27, was arrested by murder investigators, charged with murder and held in Sacramento Principal Prison. It is unclear whether he was a legal representative at this time.

The Sheriff’s Office said that Quadzo and the driver were in a home partnership and were sharing some of the children who were in the car.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office announced in a press release , that the woman who was driving the car died at the scene and was shot in the upper part of her body. An adult man was also rescued from the car and arrested as a suspect in the shooting.

“Although the motive behind the shooting is not yet known, investigators believe that the man shot the female while she was driving, which forced her to drift the car in the river,” Sharif’s office said.


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