Man charged with shooting death in Missouri storage unit


Pensacola, Fl

Police said charges had been brought against a man wanted for the murder of an acquaintance inside the Bridgeton storage unit.

Michael Molinari, 27 years old, from Overland. He was charged in a warrant of first-degree murder and burglary and two counts of armed criminal act in the killing of 28-year-old St. Cameron Gray.

Police said Gray and Molinari had been together inside the unit for about four hours while Gray installed the floors inside the storage unit. Investigators said that Molinari pulled a gun, shot Gray, grabbed a box from the unit and left.

The officers were called in minutes later when Molinari used his truck to smash the storage security gate.

Investigators said that the shooting was recorded on three different surveillance videos. The police have been searching for Molinari since the day of the shooting. Police said Molinari agreed to meet the police at a fast food restaurant sometime, but failed to attend.


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