One person was killed in the Shark Maine attack


Pensacola, Fl

Maine authorities said that the woman who was killed in a rare shark attack off the coast of the state was 63 years old, from New York City.

Maine State Department of Marine Resources said the shark bite killed Jolly Demperio Holoach. The shark, which was later confirmed to be a large white shark, dried up a hollowwash killer off Pelly Island while swimming.

The Marine Marine Patrol said that a witness saw Holoach swim off the beach in Pelly Island when she was bitten. A naval patrol said that two of the kayak passengers helped her reach the shore and an ambulance provided further assistance, but her death was announced at the scene.

Jeff Cooper, co-owner of H2Outfitters on the Island, said that provides instructions, rentals and sales for kayaks.

Cooper said that cyclists were on the beach when someone saw something breached, and he realized there was a mistake.

They happened to be at the scene. She was brave enough to jump and recover the victim.

Cathy Bevath, the owner of the other partner, said that one of the squad caught Holwach, while the other sat down to take her back to the beach. The kayaks requested anonymity.

Rob Bell, the pioneer of the Maine Maritime Patrol, said that Holowash and her family own their property in the area and are well known to the community, which was rocked by her death.

Patrick Kelleher, Commissioner for Marine Resources in Maine, said that only one unprovoked shark attack had been recorded in Maine, 10 years ago off Eastport. And he said that the shark was identified as a great white by a tooth fragment.

He described the attack as “very unusual”, but added that it was an alert cause among beachgoers.

The paucity of this event does not mean that it will not happen again,” Kelleher said.

The Marine patrol urged swimmers and boats to be careful near Bailey Island and avoid swimming near the school’s fish or seals. Large sharks prey on common seals among Maine. Government officials said two coastal government parks, Bobham and Reid, are not allowed to swim outside the deep waters.

Bailey Island is part of the town of Harrison, about 40 miles (64 km) above the Maine coast of Portland. Harpswell is a city with a population of about 4,700 famous among vacationers and second-owners of its coastline, beaches and sweeping views of Cusco Bay.


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