Maine woman killed in apparent shark attack, the first unprovoked attack in the state


Pensacola, Fl

Maine woman was killed in what officials believe is a shark attack off the coast.

According to the Ministry of Marine Resources in Maine State, the woman was seen swimming off the shore of Bailey Island by a witness, and then saw the woman suffer from a shark attack.

The woman, whose identity is still unknown pending notification to her family, was rescued by two cyclists who took her to the beach. The first responders later arrived at the scene of the accident and announced her death moments later, according to a statement.

“Until further notice, swimmers and boats are urged to be cautious near Pelly Island and avoid swimming near fish or school seals,” wrote the Maine Marine Resources Service in a statement posted on Facebook.

Experts say unexplained shark attacks are incredibly rare. James Solikovsky, a professor at Arizona State University who studies sharks, told the Portland Press Herald that this was the first unprovoked shark attack in the state.

Since seals – the sensitivity of sharks – are prevalent in the region, Solikowski also stressed the importance of not swimming near marine mammals.

He told a newspaper we could easily mistake a seal … like a shark dinner.


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