A man kills the wife and mother in law with two young children at home


Pensacola, Fl

A Pennsylvania man was charged with the murder of his wife and mother after a dispute over a lost weapons magazine.

Frederick Kelly, 57, allegedly admitted to the deadly shooting and said he “went too far” when he killed his wife, Latia Klee, 41, and his mother, Mikinda Saunders, 75, at their home in Cheltenham.

According to a criminal complaint people received, Cheltenham Township police officers were called to the house after they received a 911 call in which they heard a woman shouting, as well as gunshots.

“A female voice can be heard.” Why did you do that? why did you do that? … look at my legs, look at my legs, ” the complaint says.

Once in the house, he was allegedly totally opened the door and told the officers that he “went too far” and that he “shot them”.

In the living room, officers found the bodies of Latia wholly and Saunders. Latia was shot five times. Saunders died of his chest wounds.

Kliah allegedly told investigators that he had shot the two women after arguing with his wife over a missing magazine for his pistol. Clea claimed that fighting with his wife started in the bedroom when he couldn’t find the loaded magazine.

Totally she indicated that she owned her the night before,” says the complaint.

He totally said that his wife left the bedroom and went to the basement to the kitchen and started putting groceries with Saunders while “looting” the bedroom in search of the magazine.

He allegedly went downstairs, sat on the stairs, and “continued to argue with his wife when” he just started shooting. “

He told investigators that the two women “made no mistake.”

Officers found a semi-automatic Glock pistol at an office.

Kevin R. Montgomery County District Attorney said. Steele: “The recently purchased rifle mixture and anger toward his wife and mother-in-law proved deadly.” “Tragically, two young children are now left without parents and grandparents in their lives, and the defendant faces the rest of his life in prison.”Totally, who is being held at Montgomery Correctional Prison without support, he has been charged with two counts of both first-degree murder, third-degree murder and possession of a crime tool.


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