Dallas shot outside the bar affects 4 people, after men refused entry due to corona virus rules


Pensacola, Fl

Police said three men were shot dead, one seriously, and a woman was wounded by shrapnel in a sports bar in Dallas by a suspect who was denied entry.

Dallas police said that the suspect, who was still at large, was among three men who were not allowed to enter the pub at Riverfront Boulevard and that it was at full capacity due to coronary virus bases.

Police said he went to his car and returned with a type of attack weapon. The guard, who prevented the man from entering, secured the doors.

The policemen said that the suspect shot the building, resulting in injuries.

Then the alleged shooter went to the back of the crossbar where “armed shepherds” confronted him and shot the suspect.

The shooter left the crossbar before the police arrived at the scene.

A sponsor who was inside during the shooting said she feared for her life.

“So they pushed him out of the restaurant, closed the doors, got into his car, and he just started spraying the place,” said Michaela Dartson.

“There are gunshots and glass flying everywhere, and we all hit the ground.” “You can say it was an assault rifle. I mean, there were a lot of shots, it was unbelievable.”

A victim was reportedly injured in the arm. The second victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The last victim was shot and declared in critical condition in a nearby hospital.


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