The San Francisco bus driver hit a baseball bat after asking passengers to wear masks


Pensacola, Fl

A San Francisco bus driver was allegedly beaten with a wooden baseball bat last week after asking three passengers to wear face masks to comply with the city’s public health system for coronavirus.

Three men took the bus operated by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency – or Mooney – in the city’s south market district on Wednesday afternoon, said San Francisco Police Officer Robert RUICA. The driver asked passengers several times to wear a mask, but they refused, so the driver pulled out to get them out.

“The suspects escaped from the scene on foot in an unknown direction,” said Roika, while the victim was accompanying the males outside the bus, and one of the men took out a wooden strike and hit the victim several times, wounding the victim.

The officers responded to the scene at 11th Street and Division Street around 3:30 pm. To document the alleged assault. Fox2 San Francisco, quoting Moni employees and a delegate from the Local Transportation Workers Union 250A, said that the men also spat on the driver before getting off the bus. The driver was reported to have broken a finger and was recovering at home.

Everyone in San Francisco must wear a face covering in public places, including while riding public transportation, under the city’s current health mandate that aims to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

California last week outpaced New York as the country with the most confirmed coronavirus infection in the country. As of Sunday, California had over 530,000 confirmed cases, with more than 8,400 deaths.


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