A 20-year-old Pennsylvania man killed a sleeping woman as he shot a wrong house: the police


Pensacola, Fl

Pennsylvania police reported that a bullet killed a woman asleep in her bed and that a young man who fired from outside her home targeted the wrong house, according to reports.

Tracy Marie Squibb, 52, was in bed with her husband when she was shot in the chest in Derry. She was declared dead in hospital.

Nathan Joseph Quedoito, 20, from Al-Wahda, was arrested for murder in her death.

Forces Steve Limani stated that Quidetto shot Squibb’s house in the wrong belief that someone who had a disagreement with him lived there

Limani said the dispute involved a failed drug deal between Quideto and the other person. Quaideto went to Squibb’s house to intimidate this person.

The shooting was “unnecessary and did not happen.” According to the newspaper, Limani said, “What a shame happened.”

He said: “Our hearts and prayers go to the Squib family and all their friends.” “This [arrest] might give them the slightest amount of closure.”

WPXI-TV quoted Limani as saying that Quideto did not know who Squibb or her family were.

He said: “This has nothing to do with this family.” “It’s tragic. It’s a shame.

Squibb first told her husband that she felt like she had got something, according to the station. Their children were sleeping in other rooms.

Squibb taught at Grace Grace Church in Bradenville, a job she has worked on for many years.


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