Video of the Canton Police; A $ 5,000 reward for killing a one-year-old child


Pensacola, Fl

Canton Police Department released a video of three suspects in the killing of a one-year-old child.

Ace Lucas and his twin brother, Arcel, were sleeping at their home in Clarendon Avenue SW when the shots were fired at around 2:30 am

. Arcel was injured and Ace died in hospital.

“Several shots were fired at the house. Canton Police Commander Jack Angelo said,” I don’t even have an accurate count of how many rockets were fired, but, you know, the house was full of bullet holes after the truth. “

The FBI offers a $ 5,000 reward, plus $ 500 from Stark County Crime Stoppers, for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any murder suspect.

“You are shooting at a house that you don’t know from there or anything else and you end up killing one child and killing a second child almost. Angelo said that only these people have no conscience.


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