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Two men were shot and killed while raping in Louisiana

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 Two men were killed after a fire broke out when a group gathered in a Louisiana neighborhood to shoot a rap music video, according to the authorities.

Baton Rouge police were called to the scene, where they found Dandry Mills, 25, and Landon Johnson, 31, with gunshot wounds, police spokesman Sgt. L’Jean McKneely said .

The victims were taken to a hospital where they later died.

Police said a group was filming a rap video clip in Baton Rouge when the shooting occurred. The neighbors said that more than a dozen people gathered on their street, but the group dispersed before the police arrived, according to the newspaper, The Advocate.

“The sad thing is that no one is left in the scene,” the newspaper quoted McKinley as saying. “Zero witnesses.”

The police did not say whether the two victims were involved in making the music video.

The authorities are continuing to investigate.

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This is a horrible tragedy. Please note they were shot while RAPPING, not “raping.” BIG DIFFERENCE! Please ask someone to review your headlines! The people shot were not criminals, they were victims of a horrible crime! Correct spelling is important!

Amen! I read the headline and was SHOCKED as hell.. You can imagine the image I had of a raping and shooting situation!! It is still a sad situation that gun violence is so rampant these days. I just mourned the loss of my mom who was gunned down while sitting on her steps.. She was 65 years old. I am truly puzzled as to why the world has become SO violent.. God bless

Ms.Hettie, what do you mean, “black youth and young black men are given guns by drug dealers.. hired by another race?”

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