Arrests in the shooting incident that killed a woman on a Lincoln bus


Pensacola, Fl

Police said investigators have arrested the killing of a woman, who was wounded with a live bullet while riding a bus in the city of Lincoln.

The Lincoln Journal Star reported that Joel Jones Jr, 27, from Lincoln, was arrested on suspicion of having committed a second degree murder and a large number of weapons after the death of 69-year-old Sharon Johnson.

Investigators said Johnson was the only passenger on the eastbound bus when a bullet entered the driver’s side and hit her in the head. Johnson was transferred to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Police chief Jeff Plimester said the video evidence showed a pistol running from the window of a car as it passed by bus. Investigators confirm that Jones deliberately shot the bus, but they did not target Johnson.

“As far as we have discovered so far in the investigation, this was an indiscriminate act of violence,” said Blemester.

Police also arrested Jarrell Wheeler, 19, on suspicion of being a partner in second-degree murder. Investigators believe that Wheeler was driving the car.

Johnson’s murder is Lincoln’s third murder in July and the seventh in the city this year.


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