A 3-year-old boy gets a loaded pistol, accidentally shooting himself in the head


Pensacola, Fl

A 3-year-old boy in South Carolina died after he got a loaded pistol and shot his head.

The child was identified as Liam Myers.

Richland County Coroner office said that Liam did not live in the house where the shooting occurred. He said that the MPs did not reveal the details of what led to the shooting, while the pathologist’s office and the mayor’s department are continuing the investigation.

The tragedy occurred at about 6 pm, in a housing complex in Columbia, South Carolina, police said.

Richland County administration deputies arrived, and they were told that family members had already transported the child to the hospital, according to WIS. A person still in the police compound said that the child had accidentally shot himself.

An autopsy showed that Myers died of a shot in the upper body

According to a report, a man arrived at the apartment shortly after that, with blood on his hands. He told the police that he was in the apartment talking to someone when he heard a gunshot and believed that the boy had accidentally shot himself.

The police reported that a woman in the apartment hung the pistol under a mattress.


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