A woman accused of beating a girl with a belt more than 10 times by cell phone


Pensacola, Fl

A Pensacola woman behind bars accused of beating a girl with a belt while describing her insulting names.

Laosonda Aisha Clark, 41, was arrested and charged with child abuse without major physical harm.

An arrest report from the Pensacola Police Department says that Clark gave the child her cell phone to use it but quickly changed her mind. Police said that when Clark asked to return the phone, the girl could not find him.

The report says Clark held a belt and hit the girl more than 10 times. One of the strikes hit the girl’s genitals, but Clark continued to operate, according to the police. Police found red marks and dark bruises on the girl’s skin “excessively normal”.

The girl told the police that Clark described her as a “piece of” obscene “and” mother (obscene) “when she hit her.

Clark has been detained in Escampia County Prison. She was released after publishing a $ 1,500 bond.


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