Pensacola mom creates Facebook pages to help teachers with school supplies


Pensacola, Fl

The teacher returns to school shopping and prepares classes for the new school year, but due to the epidemic, their shopping list contains a lot of new items and they need more traditional items like pens and glue sticks.

Every year, second-grade teacher at Dickson School of Arts and Sciences Whitney Osborne said she spends a large amount of her own money to buy classroom supplies.

She is not alone, and this year she said her list continues to grow.

Osborne said: “We will need more disinfectants, be it Lysol spray, wipes, or plexiglass to cover the surfaces so that children don’t get spores on the surfaces too much.”

Kindergarten teacher Kerry Barron said they will need more school supplies for students because they cannot participate or obtain group supplies to help prevent the virus from spreading.

Baron said: “I have become more detailed about supplies now, then the idea of ​​a community and that’s a big part of kindergarten participation and waiver.

Pensacola Mother Zoe Long is now trying to help teachers like Obsborne and Barone.

She created a Facebook page called “Supporting Teachers to Return to School: Escampia and Santa Rosa District”.

It is a platform where local teachers can communicate with parents and the community who want to help them purchase school supplies.

“These teachers bravely entered and saw many creative ideas about how they can protect their children and how they can protect them and discover it so I like to have an opportunity to facilitate people’s help for them,” Long said.

How teachers work post their own shopping list or amazon wish list, from people directly from amazon who send supplies to teachers.

You can also contact the teacher and hand over the supplies in person.

Long said she had already given a couple of teachers and committed her company, Pins and Needles, to sewing over 200 teacher masks in northwest Florida.

Long said, “Without them they inspire us to do what we do in the future a lot of time because they are the cornerstone of our society.”

The Facebook group now has more than 1,000 members, and teachers have already begun posting self-portraits with their community-provided elements.


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