Pensacola Beach under the purple flags of the first jellyfish swarm this season


Pensacola, Fl

Pensacola Beach is under a purple flag for the first time this season due to the large number of jellyfish found in the water.

Purple flags warn beachgoers of stinging sea animals in the area, and they were first raised by Pensacola Beach guards on Tuesday. AJ Johnson, vice president of water safety, said that jellyfish swarms usually occur once or twice a year, and usually come sometime around August.

Johnson said: “There is always a marine life. There is always a shark. There is always a jellyfish.” “We just raise a purple banner when we get swarms of jellyfish.

Johnson said that the last time rescuers had to raise a purple flag returned in February.

Jellyfish swarms are propelled by a prevailing wind stream. The low pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico causes big waves to ride on the beach of Pensacola, causing rescuers to spread red flags on Wednesday morning, which means there is no swimming or wading in the bay.

Johnson said: “Now everything has appeared and the water has appeared higher, so you will not see (the jellyfish). You will only feel tingling when you enter the water.

Johnson said that rescuers had fresh vinegar on hand to spray bites to neutralize them. Johnson said that the meat tenderizer may also work because it may compensate for the acid in the bites.

“Otherwise, it is time, and it is really not a concern for people unless they are allergic,” Johnson said. “It is clear that if a person suffers from an allergy, just like (if he is) allergic to anything else, it can be very life threatening. But if he is not allergic, this is something that will rush and then go away in time. “


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