Woman was killed after neighbors called for a ceasefire near her children


Pensacola, Fl

Her family said that a woman in Brooklyn asked people to stop lighting illegal fireworks to protect children playing in the courtyard of a condominium that was shot and killed days later – allegedly because of her request, according to reports.

Chatavia Walls, 33, encountered an unspecified group of people lighting up fireworks at NYCHA Pink Homes of East New York because she was concerned about the safety of children playing nearby, and her mother, Helen Testagros, told the New York Daily News and The New York Post.

“The kids were playing there in the park,” Testagros told the news. “They were firing [fireworks] near the children. The little girl was hysterical. That’s why I asked them to stop.”

The walls were visiting her mother and family

Testagros told The Post that asking Walls to stop fireworks led to a “fight” and then fired one shot at her, but she made a mistake.

The newspaper did not reveal the name of the alleged shooter because he was not arrested or charged.

Police sources told the newspaper that he had asked Wools and a friend again of a group of people firing fireworks to stop.

Next, Testagros told The Post, a member of the group went to get the man who had argued with Walls, who he claimed had shot her.

Testagros told The Post: “He was chasing her, jumping over the gates, and shooting.

Once the walls were hit, Testagros told the Post, the alleged gunman marched on. She was on the ground. He continued shooting until the gun went, “Click, click, click.”

The walls were shot 8 times,

A New York police spokeswoman told people that at about 8:30 pm, “The police answered a 911 call to a person who was shot in front of 2,676 Linden Street in the 75th district boundary. Upon arrival, the police discovered two shooting.”

The first victim, identified by the New York Police as the walls, “was shot in the chest and taken to Brookdale Hospital in a critical condition.”

The second victim, who was identified by the police as a 30-year-old male, was shot in the arm and taken to Brookdale Hospital in stable condition.

 Testagros told the news: “I saw her on the ground and she was lying there, and she said to me,” What, I don’t think I will do it. “” She was telling me who shot her, saying she was the same man from before that day. “

Now family and friends mourn her loss.

“It was a fun girl,” said Waltz’s mother to the news. “She loved children, and you’ll see her there playing with them in water fights. That’s how they were.”

“We did everything together,” her friend Erica Lee, 33, told the news. “It is a feeling that you can never overcome. It is unbearable. These are people you think you will never lose.


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