Husband and son of a federal judge were shot in New Jersey


Pensacola, Florida

Judge Esther Salas was in the house but was not injured in the shooting of her home in North Brunswick, according to an official.

A gunman shot the son of a federal judge at her home in New Jersey, according to an official familiar with the situation. The Associated Press reported that he died and that the judge’s husband was also killed.

The official, who requested anonymity, because the authorities had not made any public statements, said that the judge, Esther Salas, was at the time of the shooting at her home in North Brunswick, New Jersey, but was unharmed.

Court president Frida Wolfson told the Associated Press that her son, Daniel Underrell, a college student, had died in the shooting and her husband, Mark Underrall, had been wounded.

The F.B.I. An office in Newark said Sunday night that it was searching for “one subject” regarding the shooting.

Senator Robert Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, expressed his sadness in a statement.

“I know Judge Slas and her husband well,” Menendez said, “and I was proud to recommend her to President Obama to run for the New Jersey federal seat.” “My prayers are with Judge Silas and her family, and those responsible for this terrible act are quickly arrested and brought to justice.”

Mr. Menendez was Mayor of Union City, New Jersey, where Judge Salas originated. Both of them have fathers who immigrated from Cuba.

Francis Womack, Mayor of North Brunswick, wrote on Twitter that “there are no words that can express the sadness and loss that we share tonight as a community” after the shooting.

He added: “We are committed to doing everything we can to support the family at this time, as well as all relevant law enforcement agencies.”

The shooting happened around 5 pm, according to Marion Costanza, who lives three doors from Judge Salas’ house in the Hidden Lake neighborhood in North Brunswick.

Federal agents and police officers went door to house to interview the neighbors. The police bar closed the front garden and corridor of the family’s colonial home. The North Brunswick police cruiser was stopped outside the house, and a sentry police officer stood outside the front door. An American flag was planted on the ground, lit by floodlight.

Mrs. Costanza said that Judge Salas previously noticed that being a public figure could make her a target.

“She had some outstanding cases, and she was always a little worried,” said Ms. Costanza, who attended the swearing-in ceremony of Judge Sala when she became a federal judge.

Ms. Costanza said that the judge and her family were caring about the neighbors, and recalled the time when Daniel Underrall brought supplies during a snowstorm.

She said, “There is no one like them.” “They are very kind. They will do anything for anyone.


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