Two FBI agents wounded in an exchange of fire in Arizona finding the suspect dead


Pensacola, Fl

Two FBI agents were shot while trying to present a search warrant at a house in Mesa, Arizona, according to reports.

FOX 10 in Phoenix reported that the suspect, an alleged serial bank robber, was found dead inside.

The agents were shot while they were approaching the suspect’s door around 6 am.

“Get out with your hands!” FOX 10 reported that a customer could be heard screaming at the suspect by videotaping the cell phone. “This is the FBI. We have a note.”

One of the clients taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries has since been released, and since then he has treated the other worker with minor injuries at the scene, the KPHO-TV agency said.

Witness Michael Scott told FOX 10. “The FBI man was low. He took off his jacket. He was fine. I think he passed his jacket. He was bleeding.”

The suspect has been identified as Abraham Rivera, 49, who has been charged with four bank robberies in three state banks since last year.

The circumstances of Rivera’s death were not immediately confirmed.


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