Before his death, Abuse, the boy, 5 years old, told my mom that he didn’t want to see her again


Pensacola, Fl

Two weeks before his death after being beaten by his mother, A. Freund told her he hoped the “bad guys” would harm her.

John Cunningham asks in a voice about their confrontation why you want these bad people to harm me.

“So I don’t see you again,” A. He answered.

By this time, the doctors had documented the physical assault of the child, and in the recording made by Cunningham they played in court because they face the verdict after admitting to killing the boy, a. He expressed his desire to harm his mother until he was left with his father, the Northwest Herald reported.

JoAnn says, after repeatedly asking A.J. Who will hurt her. “Who do you want to tell us to put us in trouble? What will you do? What is your grand plan? How will you make us in trouble? With whom? With whom?”

He said “With bad people, really bad people.”

Cunningham, 37, of Crystal Lake, Illinois, faced up to 60 years in prison after prosecutors said she beat the boy to contaminate his underwear and then put him in a cold bath. He died the next morning.

On Friday she was sentenced to 35 years in prison, with the condition that she spend her entire sentence followed by an additional three years of supervised compulsory release, according to WGN reports.

Three days after A.J. He died, according to the prosecution, his parents reported that he was missing, prompting the authorities to start a six-day search before his body was found wrapped in plastic and buried in a shallow grave.

Speaking to the court on Thursday for Judge Robert Willebrandt during the sentencing hearing, Cunningham asked for mercy, saying that she “will give my life to get a return. … This is something I will not escape.” I am forever influenced by heartless options, “according to a newspaper. Chicago Tribune.

She said: “I am a loving, kind, compassionate woman with feelings and love deeply.” “I am human. I ask God to make me a better person every day and to restore my heart and my joy.”

And she added, “As much as I deserve punishment, I think I deserve help. Please help me.”

Cunningham pleaded guilty to a first degree murder last December. Her husband Andrew Freund Sr., who was charged with his wife after finding the boy’s corpse, pleaded not guilty to multiple charges including first degree murder, aggravating battery, failure to report a missing child and concealing a murder. He is awaiting trial.

Parents had claimed that they had seen AG last time. When they put him in bed and told him that he was missing the next morning.



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