A 13-year-old boy in Pennsylvania is charged with overfilling the death of his younger brother


Pensacola, Fl

A 9-year-old boy’s decision not to play police and thieves cost him his life – and now his 13-year-old killer will be tried as an adult.

The young victim, a resident of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania – two miles north of the Maryland border – was shot dead by his 13-year-old brother in the morning.

The suspect has been charged with criminal murder and aggravated assault, according to court records.

The brothers were reportedly in the living room of their house when the older boy wanted to play police and thieves. But after the 9-year-old refused to watch videos on the phone, the older brother recovered a loaded pistol that their father kept in an unlocked locker, according to The AP.

A written statement revealed that the pistol was placed on the head of the 9-year-old, just before the shooting. The report stated that the bullet tore the boy’s skull and exited on the right side of his head.

The teenager admitted to the police that he was angry at his brother for not wanting to play. He claimed that he later returned the gun to the cabinet, according to reports.

The older boy called 911 after the shooting, but his brother later died in hospital, according to The AP.

The boy’s father told the police that he kept two 9-mm guns loaded in the cabinet for protection, according to NBC News.

State police said that the 13-year-old claimed to have been dealing with firearms repeatedly while he was without supervision.


  1. I feel the parents of those boys ought to be charged as well. Guns and ammo ought to be locked up at all times. It is our duty to protect our children as well.

    • Completely agree ?
      The parents should def be charged they failed not 1 but 2 of their children in the most basic of ways…..NOT paying attention to what is going on with their kids. SO SAD ?

      • They shouldn’t be allowed to keep any more guns. This proves they are not responsible enough to keep them locked up. When we were kids, my father had 2 rifles and a 9mm. He sat us all around the table as he cleaned them and explained why we were never to touch them unless he asked for them or an emergency. He handed them to each of us one by one and once done he said, “Don’t touch them or play with them or you will really get it.” The gun was always locked in a box but the rifles were on a rack in the closet. We never touched them.

    • How can they possibly charge a 13 year old child as an adult ! Stop the violent video games where you have multiple lives and start teaching difference between reality and games

      • Ask the parents of the minor children in urban neighborhood’s that are charged with murder regularly. No one has a problem with that. But not that it’s in the suburbs you ask how can you charge a minor with murder.

        I do agree that the parent that the gun was registered to should also be charged. It’s a terrible situation for the family all the way around.

      • That’s all that is on TV today. Even cartoons have fighting and shooting in them. I feel so sorry for our youths in today’s world. That’s all they are shown in our society.

      • Also please pray for the Grandparents they are going through a rough time they loved that boy . The Parents were both charges today . The grandparents reached out to our pastor for help this week as they are struggling. This is an issue I see often with the work I do in our community. Parents are not teaching values to their children .
        Www. maranathaministryinc.org

        • It is outrageous, but unfortunately there is not guidelines and rules anymore so our society is going down the hill. Will God have mercy of that 13 years old soul and his burden as he’s not responsible for what he did. May God have the little 9 years old on his light and have mercy on his parents. Amen

    • I totally 100% agree that parents should be tried not the boy yeah he might have been angry and yeah he’s 13 but maybe he did it out of rage not to mention his parents had two loaded weapons in their reach and was unsupervised it many times before that with a loaded weapon that is just plain stupid the parents are just as much at fault it’s unreal what this world has come to trying and a 13 year-old for a fucking adult crime I don’t care that is not right the parents are to blame do to not properly keeping their things away from the children to reach and irresponsibleness of not teaching the proper responsibilities of guns and what they can do

    • I agree , the guns should be in locked case and Ammo should be too. Now the parents lost one son and the other with be jail. I do feel for the parents. God bless

    • If u have a license, keep ur guns and ammo in a locked cabinet, especially where kids do not see the cabinet. Boys in particular are prone to see a gun. If the cabinet was not locked, the owner should be locked away, not the boy.!

    • Where were the parents, or the adult in charge?! Why was the 13 year old even able to grab the gun?! Why did he even know where it was? WHY WASNT THE CABINET LOCKED?!.. sad as hell.

  2. Sooo sad for losing any life. But this is a accident and he diffently didn’t mean to do anything like that. This way one life is gone we will destroy another life as well for putting him behind bars. That is a child 13 years old.

    • This was not an accident. He deliberately went to the dresser, opened the drawer, took out the gun, placed it against his brother’s head and pulled the trigger. He then put the gun back in the drawer.

    • Are you dumb? It says he put the gun to his little brothers head out of anger. He deserves to be tried as an adult because he willing knew what he was doing and the parents should go on probation with no guns allowed on the property since they don’t know how to store them properly. Read things before you comment and make yourself look like an idiot

    • Did you not read e story he said he did it because he wouldn’t play with him that’s not an accident. It’s unfortunate and sad but not an accident.

    • It wasn’t an accident. It was a deliberate act to retrieve the gun and shoot his brother. And at 13 years of age, you know better.

      The parents should be held responsible as well for not having the firearms safely secured in the gun locker.

    • The teenager did what he knew was wrong you know guns kill people and he still decided to shoot his 9 year old brother execution style! So yes trial him as an adult no if and or buts

    • This was intentionally done. He should be charged as a 13yo and sent to a juvenile detention. Then when at the age of 21, the judge can decide what to do from there. Rehabilitation and consequences at this age is crucial for his becoming a responsible adult

    • A child? 13? More like a savage. More like a murderer. I hope he spends the rest of his evil life in jail!!!!

    • He’s 13….. he knew what the hell would happen! My husband and I have girls, 12 and 17, who have been around guns their whole lives. They know what happens when you pull that trigger. He could’ve punched him, pushed him off the couch…… and he put the gun back, knowing he did wrong with dad’s gun.

      • I have 3 kids. 16 years old 7 years old and a 3 year old. My oldest two know all about guns! Even my 7 year old and 3yr old know even with their fake guns you never point them at anyone! It’s all in the way you raise your kids. My 7yr old also has ADHD and knows the do’s and dont’s with guns! That kid was in the wrong at that age!

        • It’s all in the way you raise your child/children if your going to have a gun in the house not only should it be locked up but your kids should learn gun safety! Like don’t ever point it at anyone! Never play with a loaded gun! Never touch a gun without an adult around!

    • It was not an accident. He knew exactly what he was doing. He even admitted it. It’s just sad because the parents are to blame for not keeping the guns locked up. They lost one son from being shit and they are losing their other son for what he did and unfortunately it all falls back on them.

  3. The 13 year old knows better, he knows what fire arms will do. It’s unfortunate that the guns were not locked up but I put this on the teenager.

  4. Charge the parents and for god sake don’t just lock this kid up and throw away the key GET HIM SOME HELP.. he’s going to live with this the rest of his life ??

  5. I feel they should be too. Did these parents leave it unlocked with them home alone? Doesn’t state where the parents were. I also don’t believe a 13 yr old should be charged as an adult. Smh.

  6. I think the parents should be charged for being negligent. Feel sorry for the little boy but he knows what guns can do.

  7. This is crazy I could not imagine as a mother a father how to feel or react to this situation at all! I feel like the gun laws should have more restrictions and how to keep them away from kids because of situations like this

  8. Sad Case Two Lives Lost no matter the Case Prayers to the Family Regardless hes 13 he did know better but I’m sure he didn’t mean to kill his baby brother ??????

  9. The boy knew that gun was loaded he said to the police that he had been playing with fire arms before being unsupervised, I think the boy most likely didn’t think straight about putting a gun to his brothers head, just makes me so sick I had three sons and a daughter and my boys used to fight all the time thank God I didn’t have a loaded gun in my whole just could happen to anybody I think the boys should be blamed but I think the parent should be blamed toI don’t feel the boy should be charged as an adult he has a thing about guns he does need to be put away for a while.

  10. Having taught 13 year olds for 37 years I feel they are more impulsive than rational. Parents should never allow access of dangerous or harmful objects. Supervision by an adult is always necessary. I feel for all in this situation but believe the parents are ultimately responsible.

  11. The 13-year-old boy admitted to the police that he was angry at his brother for not wanting to play so he knew exactly what he was doing.The father also should be charged as well because the gun should have been locked up.

  12. So sad ?!!!! The guns should have been locked up !! A 13 year old knows better then to mess with the guns !!!!!! But all the violence on the news lately she these horrible video games these kids play all about killing is not good !!!!!!!!

  13. My husband and I have two girls, 13 and 17, who have been raised around guns their whole lives!! They do not touch the guns unless we are out shooting! They have been taught what happens with guns!! They have been taught to have a respect and heathy fear of them!! Yes they shouldn’t have been in the damn couch, that is very irresponsible! But the kids were 9 and 13….. not babies!! The 13 year old knew what was happening!!

  14. I feel the parents are more to blame by not talking to the children about what a gun is for and what a gun does to someone else . The 13 year old probably thought I shot him he will get up and play . The children of this generation don’t understand like in my generation. I feel they gone to far charging him as an adult. Because he is living with what he had done already and that is a major punishment enough .

  15. Having a gun is fine if you are at least responsible and intelligent enough to understand that they need to be secured AT ALL TIMES, EVEN WHEN THEY ARE IN YOUR HANDS. Be a RESPONSIBLE gun owner. The gun owner should be charged as well. This wasn’t a gun theft where he did his best to secure the gun.

  16. Sad situation, the boy was in the wrong but was the boys taught about guns and the situations like this??? Parents are just as responsible, the guns should not have been loaded in the house where this boy had such easy access! But treated as an adult in prison isn’t the answer in my mind, this boy already has to live with the fact he killed his brother! He will need some serious counseling not tossed in adult jail to become abused in so many ways! Then what will he become when they do let him out????

  17. 13 yo got mad because his little brother wouldn’t play with him. That, on its face, sounds incredibly immature and impulsive. I know plenty of “adults” who made irrational decisions in a fit of anger. And unless these boys have been taught the ramifications of firing a gun -and I’m willing to bet they were not because of how and where it was kept – trying him as an adult and not punishing dad at all for being irresponsible and stupid says exactly what?

  18. At the end of the day it all comes down to lack of supervision…. at the video games, the firearms, and all around watching their children. I am a firm believer that parents sometimes have a difficult time juggling life but if you cannot pay attention to your children then give them to someone who can and as for charging the 13 yr old as adult…. he knew what he was doing, what he was going to do with the firearm and why… right or wrong, young child or adult…. it comes down to the parent and their lack of supervision not to mention not doing their job as a parent to protect their children ir keeping them safe.

  19. I totally 100% agree that parents should be tried not the boy yeah he might have been angry and yeah he’s 13 but maybe he did it out of rage not to mention his parents had two loaded weapons in their reach and was unsupervised it many times before that with a loaded weapon that is just plain stupid the parents are just as much at fault it’s unreal what this world has come to trying and a 13 year-old for a fucking adult crime I don’t care that is not right the parents are to blame do to not properly keeping their things away from the children to reach and irresponsibleness of not teaching the proper responsibilities of guns and what they can do

  20. Yes he knew what the consequences of his actions would be. But he did it anyway. That’s mental illness. He’s sociopathic and he needs help. How can we, as adults, condemn a kid who is a product of the world we created for him?

  21. I said charge the father. He should have had those guns locked up. Knowing that he had his kids in the house. Lock him up and throw away the key for now what his son has to indoor now..

  22. In this horrific situation there is more than enough blame to go around and there should be consequences, it would be wrong to not issue consequences. However, in adolescent development, the brain is only 90% of adult size by the age of 7. There is still a huge amount of changes in the adolescent brain that controls the cognitive and emotional aspects of learning, thinking, and how one reacts. This is a short list of what the brain goes through during development. The brain has not reached its full capacity until middle to late 20’s. The last part of the brain to mature is the part that controls one’s impulses and planning, etc. While this is a tragic and horrific situation, adolescent development needs to be taken into consideration. I do agree that the parents should also have consequences as well as the 13 year old. But instead of just demanding that they are all locked up and the keys be thrown away, we should pray for this seriously broken family. None of us are so perfect that we haven’t made mistakes. The majority of the time our mistakes are not in this grand of a scale. This family is going to have to live with this for the rest of their lives. That 13 year old child is going to have a lot of years to think about what he has done. I hope and pray that the consequences are handed down with compassion, and that all involved are able to come to terms with what has happened and that they learn from this. It is tragic that a young life was lost, and this should be a wake up call on proper handling and storage of the guns that people own. Let people learn from this so that this child has not died in vain. Owning a gun is a right that should not be taken lightly.


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