3 of his friends were killed during a fishing trip


Pensacola, Fl

Three youths were “slaughtered” during a fishing trip in Frost, in what Sheriff Grady Judd described as one of the worst scenes of murder he has ever seen.

Judd said residents of Frost Brandon Rollins, 27, Kevin Springfield, 30, and Domin Tillman, 23, would meet on Lake Street off US Highway 27 on Friday evening for some “night fishing.

“It’s as far away as you can get in the middle of the woods,” said Jude. “It is a peaceful area. There is a beautiful lake where three close friends went fishing last night.”

Jude said Domin first arrived at the lake in his truck. Once he does, investigators believe he was killed by one or more people.

They were in the process of killing Tillman when Jod Rollins and Springfield said they arrived in another car. Investigators believe that they were “shot” immediately.

“This is what the killers did not count on,” said Jude. One of our victims, Brandon Rollins, was able to call his father and say “help.”

Sheriff said that Rollins’ father heard the call, got up, dressed and drove to the lake. When he arrived, he witnessed what happened.

Jude said that the father managed to get last words with his son Brandon before his death. Sharif’s office said that the information Rollins provided to his father regarding the suspects was still confidential.

“It appears that these people are being beaten and shot,” Jude said. “Do you hear me? Beating and shooting.”

Jude could not say whether the murders were indiscriminate or targeted.

“One or more killers killed three people in a small rural community.” “A very safe and very quiet community. Killed them while they were going to go fishing last night. “

Judd said there was a reward of $ 5,000 for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the killers in the case.

“I have visited many scenes of murder in my life, and this is one of the worst events I’ve ever had,” said Jude.

Justin Skaker at News 8 was able to speak to Rollins’ family and girlfriend.

“I was very upset last night, I didn’t know what to do,” said Cyril Rollins.

L8 on your side described the final fateful call of his son.

He said: “We heard some background and they raise all this.” “But I left, I went here. When I got there I was looking for my son. It was chaos. I found my son. I was holding him, he was telling me what happened, but I was very shocked to find out what’s going on.”

Rollins’ friend Jessica Stinson said at the scene of the murders, Sheriff Jude whistled her hand and made a promise.

She said, “It will not stop until justice is done for them by three children, my friend, and two of his close friends.” “I moved here from Jacksonville, Florida, two years ago, and that is not what it was supposed to be about and I want justice for him. I will not stop until he gets it.”

Justice is all of Rollin Payton’s shattered Rollin mother that you want too.

She said: “I want it to be presented in the right way and I am sure they are abroad watching and seeing what is happening and they need to progress.


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