The man, 81, said, “Oh, you are not dead yet” before firing again


Pensacola, Fl

According to court records, an 81-year-old suspect of a murder in Iowa shot the victim, then pushed him and said, “Oh, you are not dead yet” before the shooting again.

A complaint and written statement were reported in Plymouth County Court that accused Thomas Napp of Merrill of committing a first degree murder that he had confessed to shooting 51-year-old Kevin Gocek during a disturbance at his home, the Sioux City Journal reported. Kanab had previously pleaded not guilty to charges of domestic violence in the case.

The authorities responded to the house in May after his wife called 911 to inform her that her husband was assaulting her and her son with a stick, and also directed the gun to her.

According to the complaint, deputies found Juzek lying in the living room. Evidence showed that Knapp fired a 20-caliber rifle through the bedroom door, and hit Juzek in the abdomen. Juzek ataxia in the living room collapsed.

Then Knap entered the room, pushed him in the foot and then said: “Oh, you are not dead yet.” The complaint said that Napp then shot Gozyk again in the chest.

His lawyer lodged an application to suspend the Domestic Assault case so that Knapp could be examined to determine whether he was mentally qualified to appear in court.


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