LAPD sued “top shot” for shooting, killing a man who made a “square cut”


Pensacola, Fl

LAPD’s “ best shot ” who has somewhat become a granular on social media faces a lawsuit after she fatally shot a man who appeared to be advancing towards her with a knife.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported that Tony McBride, 23, was shot and killed on 38 April, by Daniel Hernandez. A lawsuit was filed on behalf of Hernandez’s 14-year-old daughter, claiming that McBride had “reckless, violent and deadly tendencies.”

As a member of the Newton department in south-west Los Angeles, McBride and her partner responded to a multi-vehicle collision, where a suspect encountered a “collapsible utility knife” and ignored orders to drop the weapon, an LAPD report announced. McBride shot four times and killed the suspect, who was later identified as Hernandez.

Then he was shot twice after collapsing because he was still carrying arms in his hand.

The Hernandez family claimed that the accident was unjustified, but the case did not receive attention until the death of George Floyd. The Los Angeles Times reported that the “black life” movement had now focused on McBride and Hernandez.

McBride first gained fame and attention after a large number of online videos showed their speed and accuracy in the target range – skills that earned her the ‘Top Shot’ award in her academic semester when she graduated as the youngest female officer to complete the course in an 18-year-old, And again in 20 when I completed the full-time LAPD Academy training.

“You can clearly see that Daniel Hernandez is pulling out of a van, walking without a shirt, with his hands on his sides, that he is not making any gestures threatening anyone,” family lawyer Narin Mercian told NBC Los Angeles.

A police expert using force believes that the case is “clear and justified shooting”. Ed Obayashi said he was convinced, after watching a video of the incident, that “there is no doubt” that McBride faced “an immediate threat to her life.”

He claimed that McBride had “no choice” but to end the “threat” when Hernandez came forward, even after being shot twice.

“I joined this department to help people who couldn’t protect themselves,” said McBride’s Larry Hana. “There were all these people here, some of them frozen in their cars for fear, and this person was bringing them with a knife.”


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