Haruma Miura Dies: ‘Attack On Titan’ And ‘Kimi Ni Todoke’ Star Was 30


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Actor Haruma Miura, a young adult movie and TV star in Japan, died at the age of 30 after he was found unresponsive at his home in Minato, Tokyo.

His manager found Miura when he arrived at his house to verify the star, who did not come to work. News reports stated that he was immediately transferred to the hospital, but announced his death upon his arrival.

Reports said Tokyo Metropolitan Police were investigating the cause of his death as a possible suicide.

Miura first appeared in Japanese film at the age of seven, and appeared in agricultural drama in 1997

From there, Miura was awarded the Sponichi Grand Prix Newcomer Award at the Mainichi Film Awards in 2009 for his role in Naoko. He also won the Newcomer Award at the 31st Japanese Academy Awards for this role.

Miura has appeared in several Japanese TV dramas, playing supporting roles in Binbō Danshi and Gokusen before being starred in the lead in Bloody Monday versus Takeru Satoh.

In 2009, Miura starred against Shun Oguri in Crows Zero II, the sequel to Crows Zero.

Then the actor got the lead role in the live adaptation of manga Kimi ni Toduk. Miura also took on Eren in the title of two-part direct adaptation of Attack On Titan.

In his last post on Instagram three days before his death, Miura encouraged fans to watch the upcoming Love Will Begin When Money End, which will air in September.

It will also appear in the next Brave: Gunjyo Senki, which will be released in 2021.


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