An officer killed a man in a psychological crisis, shot a colleague


Pensacola, Fl

 The Sandy Police Sheriff’s Office said a Sandy police officer shot a man from Talatine who had a mental health crisis and also shot and wounded a Vice Mayor of Clackamas County while trying to arrest him in Walchis.

Sandy police officer Michael Boyes shot and killed Doug Diamond, 58, after responding to a report of an armed suicide bomber on a mountain. Hood Village reported RV Resort, OregonLive.

Hours later, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office reported that Diamond shot the sergeant. Sean Collinson. The Oregonian / OregonLive reported that Sharif’s office now says Diamond never fired his gun.

The officers who arrived that day found the diamonds out of the RV. Crisis deputies and negotiator tried to talk to Diamond for a few minutes. Family members told the Sheriff’s Office that Diamond was in a psychological crisis.

The Sheriff’s office said that Diamond refused to comply with the orders and the officers used a less lethal rifle and a stun gun on him, but Diamond was not subdued.

When the officers attempted to arrest Diamond, he took out a pistol in the watchman’s Clerkamas District. Sean Collinson, according to Sheriff’s office. Then Boise shot the diamonds, hit and killed the diamonds, and hit Collinson in the arm and finger.

Sharif’s office said they were informed that Diamond had fired his gun “based on information that was initially available from the scene.”


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