A man was sentenced for the death of a college student in Nebraska


Pensacola, Fl

A man was sentenced to 71 years imprisonment for life at the death of a college student in Nebraska whose body had never been found.

Lovers hugged Tyler Thomas and Cried after 38-year-old Joshua Kiddle was sentenced to second-degree murder for murder after a jury convicted him in February.

Omaha World Herald reported that Thomas was nineteen years old when she disappeared in December 2010 after an Omaha student left a party near Peruvian State College in southeast Nebraska, where Kiddle was also a student.

Kevin Simans, Thomas’s father, made a statement before reading the sentence.

He said of his daughter who was the leader of the dance team at the college: “Part of us died when she died.” Joshua Kiddle deserves no indulgence for what he did. Not shred. “

With no body, the condition became cold. But in 2016, the Nebraska Prosecutor’s Office took a fresh look at the case at the urging of the Thomas family. This led to the arrest of Kiddle, who was a person interested in disappearance, and was spending time in prison for the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl in 2008 in Fremont, while Kiddle was a college student there.

Kiddle, who was not seen in his trial, initially told investigators that he was not with Thomas on the night she disappeared. Later, he changed his story, saying he offered to give Thomas a trip to Omaha in exchange for sexual action. But he said she later retracted the arrangement, and after an argument broke out, he left it behind on the slope of the Missouri river boat near the campus.

The verdict hearing was postponed due to COVID-19 concerns. Keadle will be eligible for parole within 35 years.


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