Oklahoma State Governor injured Corona


Pensacola, fl

In the first case of its kind, Oklahoma State Governor Kevin State announced that he had Covid-19 disease caused by the emerging coronavirus.

Republican Governor State told reporters that he had personally undergone Corona tests on a regular basis, and had undergone Covid-19 yesterday and had positive results.

State, 47, said he was in good condition and had no symptoms but a slight pain in the body.

State is the first state governor to have been diagnosed with “Covid-19”.

Oklahoma was among the US states that witnessed in the past weeks a rise in the frequency of the epidemic, and recorded there to date about 22 thousand cases of the virus, including 428 deaths.

State has come under criticism within the state for how he has dealt with the pandemic, especially because, despite his encouragement of citizens to wear a muzzle and a commitment to social distancing, he did not adhere himself to these health directives except in rare cases.

Yesterday, the governor presided over a meeting he was sitting without a muzzle in close proximity to other state officials, but they have not yet entered quarantine, according to local Oklahoman newspaper.

Last month, State participated in the first electoral rally organized by President Donald Trump since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, in the city of Tulsa, and experts believe, according to the Associated Press, that this popular event directly affected the high rate of HIV infections in the state.


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