His brother said that a Washington police officer was killed after the traffic had stopped “he always wanted” service


Pensacola, Fl

His family said that the Washington State police officer who was shot dead after traffic stopped had longed for law enforcement – and he accomplished this goal last year.

Jonathan Shop, 32, who was appointed by the Bothell Police Department in June 2019, was identified as the officer who died in the accident outside of Seattle.

His brother Evan Shop said he was wearing some hats, but he always wanted to be a police officer. ”“ He wanted to do the service while he had a chance. He was always attracted to it. “

Bothell Police said that Shope, who “was shot while trying to stop a breach vehicle” and died at the scene, had previously served in the US Coast Guard and was “very popular with his peers and throughout society.”

The alleged militant, identified by the Everett Herald newspaper as Henry Eugene Washington, is now held in King County Prison for murder, felony and assault on vehicles.

Investigators said that he was detained after hiding on a roof near the shooting place, and then suspended between two buildings. They added that Washington was arrested without incident, and respondents found a pistol in his pants.

Police said Shope survived his fiancée, his mother and two brothers.

“He was always available to people, and he always wanted to do the right thing,” Evan Shop told The Seattle Times. “It is very difficult. We miss our little brother.”

Outside the scope of law enforcement, Schop’s brother said he enjoys hiking and visiting his nephews and nephews.

A parked police cruiser is now parked outside the city hall, decorated with flowers, balloons and letters in honor of Shope.


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