9-year-old shot in Atlanta by car by shooting while making TikTok videos with his brothers


Pensacola, Fl

A 9-year-old boy was hospitalized after being injured in a drive-by shooting in Atlanta.

Javonni Carson was reportedly making videos of TikTok with his older siblings when he was shot and hit four times, breaking the thigh bone, in a drive-by shooting near a parking lot in eastern Atlanta that night,

NBC News reported that a report of the Atlanta Police Department accident obtained by the perpetrator said that several cars were wounded in the shooting, and that two other people were shot and survived. The Atlanta Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Javonni underwent surgery and is now recovering at home, although his mother has said that he is having trouble moving and will start physical therapy in the coming weeks.

Keuna Carson said that he is here, and this is a blessing. “He was nine years old, took shots. It was not worth it. “

NBC reported that Javonni was with his older siblings – Sister Paris Wise, 14, and his brother Jarvis Wise Jr. , 11 – So was his father, Jarvis, Denton Wise at the time of the shooting. Kyona told the porter that this horrific event would definitely have an impact on Javonni and her other children.

She said, “My other two kids were there too, and they saw everything.” “I am really confused by the words and the fact that I was not there to help making it more difficult.”

Keuna said that the three children “should receive advice” as a result of the shooting.

She said, “He is afraid. Forty-two shells. Watching any child is many.”

The GoFundMe campaign was created last week to raise funds for Javonni’s medical bills.

The boy is described as a “football player and rapper” who loves him so much because his character and personality are so magnetic.

On the fundraising page, “Thank you for all the prayers that my child made as normal as he was while preparing his video.”


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