Pennsylvania woman threw knife at boyfriend because he refused to eat, police say


Pensacola, fl

Pennsylvania woman was arrested after she flung a knife at her boyfriend, striking him, because she was angry that he refused to eat, police said

Eastern Berks Regional police Officer Matthew Merry responded to the Bechtelsville home around 3 p.m. on Sunday where he found Danielle Barbacow, 26, in a room next to her boyfriend, who was using a belt as a tourniquet around his right leg to limit the bleeding, police said.

Barbacow allegedly told police she got angry because she wanted him to eat, and threw the knife “out of reflex,” according to the Reading Eagle newspaper.

The man allegedly claimed he stabbed himself cutting jalapenos, but Merry said that was likely impossible because the knife was stuck in an upward direction.

The boyfriend later allegedly told police that the pair had been arguing.

He was taken to a local hospital for treatment following the incident.

Barbacow was charged with aggravated and simple assault, as well as, possessing an instrument of crimes, the paper reported.


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