Memphis man shoots his cousin over the argument of Benny Hard-away


Pensacola, Fl

A man from Memphis has been accused of attempting a second-degree murder after police said he shot his cousin in the chest over a debate over whether Memphis basketball coach Benny Hard away was a good coach, according to WREG TV.

Tyron Taylor was detained by officers due to the July 3 accident. He was also charged with using a firearm and a crime convicted of possession of a weapon.

The victim told the police that he was inside the house when he got into an argument with his cousin. After matters escalated, Taylor punched the victim in the face before pulling out a pistol and shooting. The report did not mention Taylor’s position on Hard away.

Hard away, who has been the All-Star NBA star four times over 14 years, has been the coach of Memphis since 2018. In his first year, 48-year-old Hard away led the Tigers to NIT. He has scored 43-24 over the past two seasons.


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