The death of a woman with gunshot wounds is suicide – but has her policeman really killed her?


Pensacola, Fl

On a morning, Levi Chavez said he returned home and found his wife, Terra Chavez, dead in bed from his wounds shot.

“Please tell them to hurry!” The then-26-year-old Albuquerque policeman can be heard, he says in a 911 call.

The medical examiner passed away the death of a 26-year-old mother of a suicide.

Terra, troubled by her deteriorating marriage, felt herself shot and killed with one bullet from her husband’s service pistol.

But her family always believed otherwise.

Her father, Joseph Cordova, says in this week’s episode of an oxygen accident, suicide or murder

He says, “There is no way to commit Terra suicide.”

This week’s episode deepens into the exciting case of examining how the young woman really died.

When the investigation revealed, sordid details of Levi Chavez’s life began to emerge.

The night before the deadly shooting, Levy was at his girlfriend’s house, the authorities said at the time.

The authorities say he has been in relationships with other women – including neighbors and other officers in the force – for years.

Valencia county investigator Aaron Jones set out to find out what really happened on the night of Terra’s death.

“It was up to me to confirm or deny whether this was suicide,” he says in the episode.

During his investigation, Jones found Terra Chavez’s diary, initially filled with despair, and then, hope.

“I have shown that they are moving and becoming independent,” he says.

Her sister-in-law, Gina Cordova, agrees. “Terra was ready to marry and was planning,” she says.

 Levi Chavez was tried for the murder of his wife – and he was found not guilty, NBC News reported.

Prosecutors claimed that Terra was partially killed because she discovered that he allegedly committed insurance fraud related to a truck that he allegedly stole and could have served as a potential witness, as reported by Manafeth including the local KOAT station and Albuquerque newspaper at the time.

Despite her husband’s acquittal, the Terra family still believes that she did not die due to suicide.

“I couldn’t see Terra’s kids getting older and thinking,” Mama left us. “We weren’t good enough for your mother,” Joseph Cordova explained during the episode.


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