A daughter assists in the murder case of my father after the police initially said that he had died in the fall


Pensacola, Fl

Jennifer Espinal overcame what she considered police indifference to locate a video of her 76-year-old father’s assailant, leading to his arrest

Jennifer Espinal never accepted that her 76-year-old father had suffered fatal injuries as he fell on the street.

She alleged that the lieutenant at the police station in Queens, New York, insisted on this belief. When she pressed him to open an investigation into an accident – her father, Jorge Conejo, died five days later – he told her it was an accident, as the emergency medical teams that had confronted Konigo on Jamaica Street assumed a head injury.

The lieutenant told her that if she believes otherwise, she must collect evidence to prove this.

She did.

Driven by a word on the street – “He said, Jane, everyone tells the same story that my dad was killed,” said Espinal, a 45-year-old nurse, whose brother told her – printed the flyers and picked them up at the crime scene. Ultimately, she tracked the surveillance video and photos that showed a man leaving the grocery store at around 11:30 pm, then randomly attacking her father before fleeing, according to Daily News reports.

The medical examiner announced that Koenju’s death was a murder last week, according to the perpetrator.

On Tuesday, police confirmed photos of the suspect pursued by Cunjo’s daughter – and on Wednesday, Daniel Rodriguez, 45, of Queens, was arrested for murder and assault, the police confirmed to a people.

A ministry spokeswoman said by e-mail that the alleged initial response to the lieutenant was “under internal review”.

“He didn’t care, my father was nothing, but for us, my father was everything, it was important,” Espinal said.

She told the Daily News that the alleged lieutenant operation “made me watchful.”

She said: “The last thing I imagine every day is how my father was lying, how terrible he was, and how my brutal father was killed.”

Her father Jorge Junior said that her father was an Ecuadorian immigrant who moved to the United States in his twenties after working as a circus performer in his home country and was a “hard-working man.”

Rodriguez did not refer to the petition, and no lawyer has been identified who may speak on his behalf immediately. But Espinal says she has already forgiven him.

“I am happy that he will not be able to harm someone else’s family. I don’t know what demons have made him do this, but I hope he gets the help he needs,” she said.

She added: “I will not hate it in my heart. It is not what my father wants. He has never hated it in his heart.”


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