Two people were killed and one injured when they stormed a house


Pensacola, Fl

Authorities said two men were killed and another wounded while storming a house in Florida.

The Tampa Bay Times newspaper reported that the raid occurred shortly after midnight in Wesley Chapel. Sheriff Chris Nuku said that the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office identified the dead as Luis Casado and Khayel Durham, both of whom are 21. Jeremiah Trammel, 19, has been taken to Tampa Hospital and faces charges of invading an armed house and killing a felony. A person can be charged with murdering a felony under Florida law when someone dies while a person commits a felony, even if the victim is a partner.

The homeowner told MPs that he was playing video games when hackers entered his home. Grab a 9 mm pistol and open the fire. Officials said Cassado and Durham fell to the ground while Tramel fled. An armed neighbor arrested Taramel and held him until the deputies arrived.

Upon being questioned in hospital, Trammel said he was not involved in the theft. He told the investigators that he was riding with the other two men and that he approached the house only after hearing shots.

Nuku said that the hackers seem to know the owner of the house.

 The homeowner told investigators that he may have been targeted because of his posting on social media that featured his guns.


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