The Akron family seeks justice after the death of its beloved mother by a suspected drunk driver


Pensacola, Fl

The Akron family takes its powerful message to the street, demanding justice for the death of a mother of five.

She was killed in a direct collision by a suspected drunk driver, who has not yet been charged.

“My wife, my best friend, didn’t know what to do without her, and I don’t even know where to start,” said emotional Richard MacDonald.

Family and friends gathered at East and Nordica Avenues in Akron, where 35-year-old Evony McDonald lost her life right after 1:00 am ..

He remembers: “All I remember is getting up in the hospital.”

Akron police say that Richard and Ebony, who were driving, were in their jeep Compass heading north in East Avenue, when Dodge Durango crossed in the opposite direction, midfield and hit them face to face.

Ebony died immediately. Richard and the 28-year-old man driving a Durango were hospitalized with minor injuries.

“We have no mother,” said Ebony’s daughter, Jiazimeon MacDonald, who is the largest of the five. “She did not miss any birthday, she did not miss any birthday, nor did she miss any holiday period.”

According to a witness who called 911, several people encountered the driver at this gas station moments before the plane crash, which occurred directly on the street.

“The man in Durango was just asleep … next to the gas station, I mean the pump at Circle K, he pulled up and went down to the hill and ran into this other car … across the corridors … we were trying to wake him up and told him the caller.

The victim’s daughter said: “When you get behind the wheel, you have to take it as if it is life or death, just like playing with a gun.”

Ebony loved ones were carrying banners and gathered at the intersection, hoping that their letter would prevent another family from feeling their pain.

“My aunt finished school and everything, as she was married, newly married, happy,” said the victim’s niece, Renaga Rai.

Akron police say the accident is still under investigation and that charges are pending against the driver.

“Exactly what have they been investigated because if they were there and they got the name of the person and the man went to the hospital, then what are we waiting for?” I asked the victim’s daughter.

Akron police say that the 28-year-old driver was not arrested at the site because he was taken to hospital. Investigators say the hospital will not reveal his condition, but the prosecutor is reviewing the case for the charges.


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