NFL players Dandrei Baker and Quinton Dunbar have been charged with paying compensation for burglary victims to change their testimony


Pensacola, Fl

It is reported that the NFD defenders are reportedly supporting Deandry Baker and Quinton Dunbar, on charges of compensation for their alleged theft in exchange for changing their stories.

Evidence was gathered in the case against Baker, who plays for New York Giants, and a Seattle Seahawks Danbar allegedly, Dominic Johnson, the players friend, oversees a cash exchange with victims at the Dunbar attorney’s office,

The four alleged victims of the Florida burglary told investigators that they had received their salaries in exchange for retracting their initial testimony against Baker and Dunbar, according to the Daily News. The newspaper said that there is video evidence to support the allegations.

According to the newspaper, Dunbar’s lawyer Michael Greco, the friend who oversaw the payments, and another unidentified person, and the victims were in Greco’s office. The video is said to show the money being exchanged. Johnson reportedly admitted making the victims change their stories in a direct Instagram message.

Baker and Dunbar’s attorneys vehemently deny payment.

 Greco told the Seattle Times: “The local and federal law enforcement authorities have been informed from day one onwards that the alleged“ victims ”in this case are actively blackmailing Baker and Dunbar.” These men fabricated a theft story after waiting an hour to call the police, and then immediately began to Contacting players is required for money.

“My office obtained accurate, honest written statements consistent with the independent witness and the account of my clients. These victims are seasoned professional criminals who have been arrested and / or convicted of crimes ranging from conspiracy to commit murder and human trafficking to providing a false report to the police. Mr. Dunbar took the lie detector and repeatedly confirms that he did not participate or witness any robbery. “

Bradford Cohen, Baker’s lawyer, told ESPN that he was in contact with law enforcement about a blackmail campaign against his client. Cohen said that Baker had made no offer or payment. He said the victims were coming out with a “blackmail plan.”

Dunbar and Baker were allegedly at a cooking session in May when a fight broke out, and Baker was supposedly pulling a pistol, according to the memo. Witnesses told investigators that Baker, Dunbar and two other men were accused of stealing thousands of dollars, hours and other valuables.

Dunbar was charged with four armed robberies. Baker was charged with four counts of robbery armed with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm in the accident.

Baker and Dunbar apologized for their difference


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