One person killed and one arrested in shooting outside the Portland Stripe Club


Pensacola, Fl

Portland authorities have announced that a Portland man has been arrested on charges of second degree murder after being shot dead.

The officers were called to a strip club at about 8:15 pm. On news of someone being shot. Police said a man was killed in the car park. Jordan Clarke, 25, was arrested and placed in the Multnomah County Detention Center, according to the police.

A later statement from the Portland Police Office said there was “no evidence” that the accident was due to race. Posts on several social media platforms claimed on Friday that the suspect used racial slurs before the shooting.

“Investigators interviewed several witnesses to this crime and there is no information at this time to support race, it was a factor who played a role in this case,” police said.

The police did not release the victim’s name or any other information about what happened before the shooting.

It was not immediately clear whether Clarke had hired a lawyer to comment on the case.


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