A retired army general pleads guilty to sexual assault on a daughter


Pensacola, Fl

Five years ago, Jennifer Elmore, 49, stated that her separated father had repeatedly assaulted and raped her as a child

A retired Army Major General, General James Grazioblin, admitted to sexual abuse of his daughter as a child after years of denying the allegations.

Grazioplene, 70, has pleaded guilty to the tough sexual battery charge in a court in Prince William County, Virginia, in a deal suspending his sentence, according to CNN. The port reported that the disgraceful military man had been in prison for 18 months, and was likely to spend 20 years on probation.

His daughter Jennifer Elmore, now 49, told military officials five years ago that Grazopolin repeatedly assaulted her because of her sexual illness. A case was filed against her separated father in 2017.

In response to the prosecution’s deal, Elmore’s lawyer said this “reflects the fact that Jennifer cares more about the truth than the punishment.”

Elmore told the Post in 2018 that her first memory of abuse dates back to when she was three years old. She said harassment and rape continued into adolescence, including “night visits” in her childhood bedroom in the 1980s. At the time, Grazioblin’s lawyers denied the allegations, describing the accusations as “false and incorrect.”

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Elmore said in 2018 about her decision to move forward: “Sometimes it is easier to close your mouth.” “But if you remain silent and the next person chooses that, and the next person chooses that, and the next person chooses that, where are we?”

Both Grazioplene and Elmore attended court proceedings that moved away from society earlier this week, and Elmore read out the victim’s impact statement.

She recalled in her statement, “At the third, he led me to the dark, dark basement of my grandmother’s house, put me on the washer and gave himself a rest while harassing me.” “At the age of eight, he bought me a piano and insisted on taking me to the piano lessons, all so that he could park the car and take any of the satisfying pleasures he wanted.”

Elmore added: “The same horrors have happened, as he regularly insisted on showering.” “It took me to college to be able to use a bar of soap.”

She reportedly said, “He stripped me of my dignity, my innocence, my worth, my childhood and my voice – all the things the father is supposed to protect at the expense of his private life.” “I will spend my life returning the broken pieces that I left behind.


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