Tennessee woman charged with murder in the murder of her 5-year-old daughter


Pensacola, Fl

A Tennessee woman is accused of the death of her 5-year-old daughter. Robin Howington, 37, must deal with allegations that she was responsible for the deadly shooting of Destiny Oliver.

The grand jury repeated a six-digit show, according to Knox News.

Oliver was photographed on September 13, 2019 in North Knoxville. She was first hospitalized, but she died soon after. The policemen said at the time that they had responded to the shooting reports, found the victim, and then took her to the UT Medical Center.

“ Our hearts are broken due to the tragic loss of one of our students, ” said Principal of the Fountain School Ina Langston, according to the WATE report for September 2019. “Her fellow students and teachers will miss her a lot. Our heartfelt sympathy for the family and friends affected by this tragedy.”

Before the indictment was issued, Hawington was charged with tampering with evidence only.

Police said the defendant first told them that a stranger entered the house and shot the pot in the chest before fleeing. Howington then allegedly changed the story to say that it was the girl’s father. Then when the police claimed to have found a handgun hidden in a nearby bush, Howington claimed that her boyfriend (not the girl’s father) had put the weapon there. But footage from a neighbor alleged to have recorded Howington – not him – hiding the firearm.

Howington allegedly changed her story again: On this final account, she said her two-year-old son was a shooter. According to this story, the boy shot his sister after finding the weapon in the locker. Howington claimed that she took the pistol, wiped it, and placed it outside. According to the police, her defendant’s boyfriend alleged that he saw her pull a gun at the girl’s father on the day of the shooting, but the father took the gun.

Online records watched by Law & Crime show that Howington is in Knox County Prison on a $ 500,000 bond. Booked on Wednesday for a murder, child neglect, false report, tampering with evidence, and attempting to tamper with evidence. Her lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for law and crime to comment.


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