Reform Center staff suffocating a black boy


Pensacola, fl

The publication of a video recording showing a black boy lying unconscious and suffocating in the hands of employees at a correctional center in Michigan, triggered by the French Press Agency.

Cornelius Fredericks (16) died two days after he was put on the ground by workers at the Lake Side Academy in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for throwing a sandwich at another young man in the center cafeteria.

The incident was recorded by the surveillance cameras in the center. The video shows a young man throwing a sandwich on a colleague for installation by men on the ground. After ten minutes, the teenager appears to be unconscious, and then aid workers try to help him before asking for help.

This incident is reminiscent of the death of George Floyd, a black American who was suffocated by a white policeman during his detention in Minneapolis, in New York, whose ordeal was filmed and broadcast on social media.

His death sparked outrage in the United States and the world, and launched demonstrations and protests against police violence and racism

“This terrible video” reveals a “culture of fear and abuse” in this center where the “regular” practice of strangulation is a “form of punishment,” said Jeffrey Veger, lawyer for the victim’s family, on Tuesday. He added that the young man “was executed for throwing a sandwich.” And «the seven employees who froze him deprived him of oxygen and his brain suffered irreparable harm

Two rehabilitation personnel and a nurse were charged with manslaughter and assaulting a minor.

The attorney has launched prosecutions against the personnel of the center and the private company that operates the center on a contract basis with the state of Michigan. He said in the lawsuit: “Even though Cornelius Frederiks shouted” I cannot breathe “the defendants continued to control him inappropriately and killed him. On Tuesday, he clarified that the private company that runs the center has offered an amicable settlement in the form of providing compensation of less than $ 1 million to the young family.

The Michigan governor condemned the boy’s death and announced the termination of the company’s private contracts with her state.


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