A California security guard is charged with murder after a fight with a client over the rules of a face mask


Pensacola, Fl

A Southern California market security guard was charged with murder after an alleged fight with an agent who was not wearing a face mask.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office said Cornish Hawkins shot 50-year-old Jerry Lewis.

Prosecutors say the two men began arguing when Lewis entered the market without wearing a face mask. Prosecutors said Lewis left the market after that, but when the killer of the two returned again, Hawkins shot him, fatal as he moved away.

The California governor issued a statewide order last month requiring people to wear face caps while entering most of the interior to prevent the spread of coronaviruses. Across the United States, face caps have become a point of fiery controversy, with parts of the population refusing to wear them while others claim masks can save lives.

As more mandates requiring face masks come into force across the country, store employees are often assigned the long-standing order to enforce these rules and are often greeted with harsh responses.

 , A Michigan security guard was shot dead after he asked a customer to wear a face mask with a state mandate. Another guard, this time in California, left from a fight with clients with a broken arm after they refused to wear face masks at the target store.

Hawkins is now charged with murdering and possessing a handgun by criminals. His wife, Sabrina Carter, was also charged with possession of a pistol by felony. The couple were convicted in 2013 of assault with a force that is likely to cause major bodily injuries. Hawkins and Carter’s attorneys did not immediately respond to CNN’s requests for comment

The two pleaded guilty to the charges. Hawkins is being held on a $ 1 million bail and faces 50 years in prison if convicted. Bail for Carter was set at $ 35,000. She faces up to three years in prison.


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