A boy, 13, is accused of killing his younger brother


 On the morning of the 13-year-old, the police told investigators that he had shot his younger brother dead when he was frustrated during a police and thieves match, police said in court documents.

Chambersburg public opinion reported that the 13-year-old, who was charged with criminal murder, used his father’s gun to shoot his 9-year-old brother in the head on Wednesday morning.

The affidavit used by the police to support the charges said the boys were in the living room when the 13-year-old got a handgun from the sofa, one of two 9mm pistols his father kept there for safety, the newspaper said.

The 13-year-old told police that he was angry that his brother was not listening to him, so he shot him, according to court documents.

The older boy called 911, and the victim later died in hospital.

A letter of comment request was left Thursday for the boy’s defense lawyer.


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