3 dead, 3 Florida officers injured, shooting live dispute of “dangerous” dog


Pensacola, fl

Three people, including the alleged shooter, were killed in an accident stemming from a live dispute over a dog, according to law enforcement officials in Florida. .

One of the dead was a 13-year-old girl, Richard Del Toro, assistant chief of police department of Port St. Lucie, said. A police officer was injured in Port St. Lucie after the suspect exchanged fire with an officer and a deputy mayor.

“When the call came … the caller said there was someone in our house shooting my father,” said Sheriff Ken Mascara, standing near the scene.

Del Toro said the police had received reports of people who had been shot in a house. The officers found a dead adult man, while a 13-year-old girl was seriously injured. She later died in hospital. The accident occurred at about 12:30 pm.

A neighbor named Frank Didona, 81, said he heard gunshots, followed by the arrival of law enforcement vehicles.

Didona said: “Suddenly I heard about four or five shots, one after the other, boom, boom, and boom.”

Officials did not reveal the names of the victims.

Del Toro said: “Our officers confronted the suspect inside the victim’s home.” Our officers and our deputy, who were working at the school across the street, immediately responded to the scene and exchanged fire with the suspect.

Del Toro said the accident appeared to be caused by a live dispute over a dog.

“I announce that the dog is dangerous today in court and owned it and went there to confront its neighbors and this is what happened,” Del Toro said.

Del Toro said it was not immediately clear if the shooter had killed his life. The relationship between the 13-year-old girl and the deceased man was not immediately known.

Mascara said the deputy police warden was conducting a safety check at a nearby school, listened to the call, and ran across the street.

“Our deputy continued to communicate with him and in fact took one of the victims from the house,” Mascara said.



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