She offered a $ 10,000 reward in Atlanta killing an 8-year-old girl


Pensacola, Fl

The death of an 8-year-old girl in Atlanta paid a $ 10,000 reward for information as authorities searched for at least two people who opened fire on the car she was riding near the point of the recent protest.

The police identified the girl who was killed at night as Secoriea Turner. The officers returned to the scene to investigate another shooting incident, steps away from the scene of the shooting at Secoriea, killing one person at the scene and wounding two others, the media reported.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms called for justice in the death of Securia during an emotional press conference on Sunday with the mother of the afflicted girl.

The mayor said: “I killed a child and I wanted him.” “There was not just one shooter, there were at least two shooters.”

“You cannot blame a police officer.” “You can’t say this about criminal justice reform. This is about some people carrying some weapons who shot a car with an 8-year-old in the car for what?”

Follow the “enough” bottoms. “If you want people to take us seriously and don’t want to lose this movement, we cannot lose each other.”

The killing occurred near Wendy’s Restaurant where a black man, Richard Brooks, was killed by a white police officer on June 12. The fast food outlet was later burned, and the area has since become a site of repeated demonstrations against police brutality.

Georgia State Governor Brian Kemp addressed the Atlanta shooting on social media, saying “the recent trend of lawlessness is outrageous and unacceptable.

“The Georgians, including those in uniform, need protection from crime and violence,” Kemp said on Twitter Sunday night. “While we are ready to help local leaders restore peace and maintain order, we will not hesitate to take action without them.

The authorities said Sekoria was in the car with her mother and another adult when the driver tried to drive through illegally placed barriers to reach a parking lot in the area. The police said that gunmen blocking the entrance opened fire on the car, beat it several times, and beat the child. I took the driver Securia to the Atlanta Medical Center but she did not survive.

“She was only eight years old,” said her mother, Charmaine Turner. “She was going to dance to Tik Tok on her phone, I just finished eating. We understand Richard Brooks’ frustration. We had nothing to do with that. We are innocent. My child does not mean no harm.”

Her father, Secoria Williamson, said that the girl just wanted to go home to see her cousins.

He said: “They say black lives important.” “You killed yourself.”

The police released a wanted poster announcing the $ 10,000 reward. The mayor urged anyone with information to move forward.

The mayor pointed out that the demonstrators destroyed the headquarters of the Georgia State Patrol in Atlanta in a separate incident early Sunday. She said that the city’s 911 system was flooded with calls.

In addition to shooting near the burning Wendy restaurant, Atlanta police said two other people were killed and more than 20 wounded in shootings and violence over the weekend.


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