Residents claim that some drivers are deliberately trying to destroy the BLM mural in Pensacola


Pensacola, Fl

 It has been one week since the painting of the Black Lives Matter mural on ‘A’ Street in Pensacola.

Since then, he told neighbors that the mural brought more people onto the street to enjoy art, but also brought people who wanted to harm him.

Tire marks can be clearly seen on several letters. Neighbors say they saw some drivers stop and spin their tires on purpose.

“It is a shame,” said Larkarter resident, millionaire. “They are trying to advance society, not to bring it down. It is time to stop foolishness and autism as a team.”

But in general, residents say the mural was a positive addition to the neighborhood.

“There was a lot of upgrading. I like it.” The millionaire said.

Others tell us that the mural encouraged residents to clean the neighborhood.

Resident Arthur Davison said, The community was really amazed. People who used to live in the neighborhood have not returned to years and have been surprised by how amazing it is.

The mural also brought more visitors to the neighborhood.

“There were a lot of people coming,” said a millionaire. “White, black, Hispanic – all kinds of people come by bringing their children and showing them.

Mayor Grover Robinson says the mural will remain until Street A is restored. He tells Channel 3, that the wallboard actually helps slow down the traffic.

Robinson says he is not aware of providing other city permits


  1. It would have been wonderful if it would have said All Lives Matter, because they really do. No one should ever be excluded.


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