Four killed in a plane crash


Pensacola, fl

Four people were killed after a small plane crashed in Fork Canyon.

The accident happened over the Granite Flat camping area in the Box Elder Peak District, according to Utah Sheriff Sergeant Sergeant. Spencer Cannon.

Canon Utah County Sheriff’s Office received a call about the accident a few minutes before 8 am. A witness told them that he and his two sons were roaming around when they saw the plane start to spin and then head toward Earth, according to Canon.

The witness, Greg Rollings, was on a picnic with his two teenagers in the area on Friday morning when they saw the plane getting closer and closer to their valley stop.

“Seconds later we heard this sound, and we learned that it had been smashed and hit the bottom of the valley. At that time we were all in shock.” “We knew we had to help quickly.”

Rollings said they had no service at the time, so he and his sons climbed up the mountain until they were able to call Dispatch. Notifying her of the crash, Rawlings said she made her way to the wreckage.

I said, “Okay, this is someone’s family down below.” We need to get into this wreck as quickly as possible. First, we need to know if there are any survivors by chance and what we can do to help. Two, we need to get the exact coordinates of the plane debris. “

According to Rawlings, it was very clear what they saw that there were no survivors in the accident. From there, he and his sons climbed over the valley to give the exact coordinates.

The teams arrived shortly after.

“We were in the right place at the right time to see everything that happened, so I was happy only because there were no hours and hours spending people time trying to find debris somewhere in the mountains,” he said.

Canon identified the passengers as Tyson Colby Promate, 35, from Salt Lake City. Alex Blakehurst Rogner, 35, from Riverton; Ellen W. Blackhurst, 60, and Douglas Robinson Blackhurst, 62, from Riverton.

According to Canon, the group left the southern valley regional airport in western Jordan early Friday morning.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration will respond to the accident site in the hope of identifying the cause of the crash.


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