Pregnant mother hits COVID-19, and the birth of three healthy twins is complete


Pensacola, Florida

A woman in Texas celebrated her victory over COVID-19 during the third trimester of pregnancy and the birth of three healthy twins.

According to the Texas Women’s Hospital on Facebook, Maggie discovered during her 28-week admission period that she was positive.

“While she was confused about how she was infected with the virus since she was isolated at home since March 23, as a very kind and selfish person, Maggie was the main but everyone herself. She was concerned for the health of the three twins, her husband and their 5-year-old son, as well as the nurses And the doctors who care for them. “

While Maggie recovered in the hospital, doctors discovered that Baby A’s cord was wrapped around her neck and required urgent surgery.

At 4:51 pm, Isabella’s Baby A was born at 3.11 lbs. At 4:53 pm, Baby Bee Nathaniel was born at 3.7 lbs. Finally, at 4:55 pm, “Adriel”, “The Child”, was born at 2.1 pounds. Doctors and nurses were amazed at how good Maggie was. She and her children, who reached the perfect ABC arrangement, were undeniably healthy, safe and resilient.

The hospital said they continue to grow bigger and healthier by the day at NICU. Maggie said it is hard not to take them home, but she is happy that they are in safe hands.

“Think about what she went through, Maggie feels more confident than ever that everything happens for a reason. She advises the other woman to take her pregnancy day by day and don’t let COVID-19 overpower her emotions. Maggie tells them not to be afraid or ashamed if They believed they were infected with the coronavirus, and to get help whenever and wherever they needed it. “


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