Corona injuries increased in 39 states


Pensacola, fl

The rise in the number of cases of coronavirus in 39 states has cast a shadow over the July 4 celebrations, as health experts worry that the celebrations will lead to a new increase in the number of cases beyond the capacity of hospitals to absorb.

After towns and cities across the country canceled annual fireworks displays to avoid gathering large crowds, many Americans fired guns and candles from the streets and back gardens of suburban homes to mark Independence Day.

And in the first four days of July alone, 15 states recorded unprecedented increases in new cases of Covid-19, a disease that totaled nearly three million Americans and killed about 130,000.

The number of infections in Florida increased by 11,458, a figure that exceeds the highest daily toll recorded in any European country during the peak spread of the virus.

The number of cases is also increasing in Arizona, California and Texas, and is heading upward in the Midwest states, which have once witnessed a decline in the number of cases, such as Iowa, Ohio and Michigan.

Despite the high number of infections in Florida, people gathered to enjoy the sun on the sands of Clearwater Beach, which was open to pioneers on Independence Day.

In Phoenix, Arizona, people gathered without masking or diverging socially to listen to a speaker during a demonstration against the restrictions in place to combat the spread of the virus. Many of the gathering participants wore red, white and blue clothes, and some carried banners reading “Logical Capitalism.” Socialism is not. Come on Trump 2020. ”

In Texas alone, the number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care units reached a record level of 7,890 patients, up from 3,247 patients only two weeks ago.


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