A woman dies in a runaway accident for Seattle protesters


Pensacola, fl

The American authorities announced the death of a woman and another injury as a result of a car accident over a crowd of demonstrators in Seattle

The spokesperson, Basin Harbourview Medical Center, Susan Gregg, confirmed the death of the woman, Samer Taylor, 24, while the other, Diaz Love (an activist and blogger at the age of 32), was still in critical condition due to the accident.

Loewe was working to cover the demonstrations against racism in Seattle via “Facebook”, and the last record on her page concluded with shocking pictures documenting the moment of run-off from the victim’s point of view.

Dwight Kelly, a local resident, is still in custody and is due to appear in court.

In his car, Killet stormed a closed road and ran over a group of protesters with a crazy speed, then tried to escape from the scene.


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